8 Gifts For The Lady In Your Life

I’m excited to share this unique gift guide for the lady in your life. Compiled with the help of a couple of savvy, well-traveled ladies, these 8 gifts are sure to impress!

1. For The Giving Lady

Foster an Elephant from David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust From $50/year

I love this program. No, let me rephrase that – I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I have had the pleasure of visiting the baby elephant nursery outside of Nairobi a few times and have seen, first hand, the incredible work that the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does. The ivory trade is, unfortunately, a very active and saddening reality and it leaves many baby elephants orphaned. The mission of the Trust is to raise these babies and eventually reintroduce them into the wild. The stories of these baby elephants are incredibly moving and the foster program is an important part of this organization. By fostering a baby elephant, you will receive monthly email updates, newsletters, photos and a certificate. I also highly recommend following @dswt on Instagram!




Kelly Moore Bag – Brownlee

2. For The Shutterbug Lady

Kelly Moore Bag From $149

A camera bag that looks like a purse! I discovered Kelly Moore Bag about 4 years ago and have enjoyed using these bags – plus, I get countless compliments on them. The various bags, which range in size and style, are all camera bags. I used to hate carrying my camera and lenses around in a traditional camera bag, especially when traveling. Why tell the world that you have expensive equipment in there? Kelly Moore Bags are basically camera bags in disguise, making them the perfect padded home for your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Many also fit tablets and/or laptops, there’s one for every kind of photo-loving lady!



Purify water with SteriPEN

3. For The Outdoorsy Lady

SteriPEN $89.95

If the lady in your life lives for time in the great outdoors then she will love the SteriPen! This small, compact device is a purifier and uses UV technology to treat water, making it drinkable. The SteriPEN will treat containers with a 1.75 inch diameter (think your standard Nalgene) and is compact enough to fit in the tiniest of backpacks and daypacks.  What’s more, this handy 5 oz. wand doubles as an LED flashlight. Gone are the days of carrying gallons of water, complicated water pumps and iodine tablets.




A portable washing machine

4. For The Lady On The Go

The Scrubba $99 for wash and dry pack

You may be afraid that buying a ‘portable washing machine,’ a gift to encourage household chores is a present faux pas, but fear not!  This is the perfect item for the adventurous traveler in your life, a great gift for the gal the goes off the beaten path and doesn’t mind getting her hands a little dirty for the sake of getting clean clothes in her rucksack.”

Submitted by Abbie from Speck on the Globe




Zolt can charge 3 devices at once

5. For The Carryon Only Lady

Zolt $99.99

The smaller the suitcase, the more you need a single item to serve many purposes. Enter Zolt, the lipstick sized charger. With 3 ports, Zolt can charge a phone, tablet and laptop with an included PC charger cord. Mac adaptors are available for an additional $19.99. Zolt is tiny, and prongs fold in making it packable in any bag.


6. For The Active Lady

Fitbit from $79.95 for wrist worn models

Fitbit Flex

Chances are you’ve seen these colorful little fitness bracelets stepping around town. A step up from a traditional pedometer, these stride counters are becoming increasingly more common. I bought a Fitbit Charge in June and love it. Using the free app paired to the device, you can track your activity from day to day set goals and participate in challenges with friends. There are several different types of Fitbits, ranging from the understated and simple Flex (pictured) to the Surge, complete will all the bells and whistles you’d imagine. I should mention, too, that Fitbit has some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Sporting a Fitbit makes fitness an all day activity, motivating you to collect as many steps as you can in a 24-hour period.



Stories and images to inspire

7. For The Destination Dreaming Lady

World’s Best Travel Experiences $27.99

Inspire the dreamer in your life to keep dreaming! From the glossy National Geographic images to the stories of some of the best travel writers in the business, this one is sure to be read over and over agin.

“I am a bit of book fiend and a travel obsessive so a travel book is pretty much my perfect present. Anyone who loves travel adventures would love a travel book and this one will keep them going with enough adventure ideas to last a lifetime.”

Submitted by Jen from She Gets Around


8. For The Always Connected Lady


Skyroam $124.99


For your tech savvy explorer, give the gift of a wifi hotspot so you can stay connected with your honey, even in the most remote of locations.  Skyroam provides unlimited data in the most varied spots around the globe, a quick way to keep all of your connections running, wherever your next journey takes you.” 

Submitted by Abbie from Speck on the Globe



2 thoughts on “8 Gifts For The Lady In Your Life

  1. I really love the idea of the Kelly Moore camera bag! The last time I was travelling I didn’t want to carry a really obvious camera bag so I kept my camera in my little backpack, wrapped in a scarf to stop it getting knocked around. It was not very practical!


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